Meteors Immigration – Meteors Immigration is a totally fake company

Posted By: Vishal Das

UJJWAL RANI and KHUSHBOO SIWAN  are the owner of the company.

Myself Vishal Das and they offered me a job of Front Office Executive in Singapore as well as they charged me Rs.18000 and after paying they will provide you the contract details were is nothing related to your work only things are through which you cant blame them that they are not any recruiting company and are just consultancy and after that they will take an interview. What they ask in interview is “tell me about yourself” “what is your carrier goals” like questions..and not even a singe question related to profession is asking and after given the interview after some days they will respond that your are unable to qualify. They will not tell you the details of company were you will work as well as the contract with meteors till you haven’t paid and after paying you don’t have any option.

UJJWAL RANI and KHUSHBOO SIWAN  are Owner of the company.

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