Shweta’s Slimage Diet Clinic complaints – Useless and pathetic Slimage diet clinic delhi – Slimage diet clinic Reviews

Posted By: Tavleen

Shweta’s slimage diet clinic is useless and pathetic.

I tried Shweta’s Slimage because it was near my home and I thought it would be easy and convenient for me and will keep me motivated. But I want to aware everyone that these people are very good at luring customers but not at all capable of providing the desired level of service.

They will make you pay Rs. 12000 for the 3 months package. I think this is just too big an amount for diet consultancy for 3 months but the kind of promises they make you will get lured. A person who is already fat will obviously have low self esteem and that is exactly where they aim. Once you take the package and pay the amount… you would notice the change in their behaviour as then they don’t care about your existence. No weight loss, FAD diets. I would request all not to get cheated by their big promises.

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