Skytech Builder complaints – Undisclosed Maintenance charges and Mental harrasment by Skytech group

Posted By: Mudit

Very recently in December 2012, I have got possession in my apartment at Merion Residency I , Crossing Republik,since the time I have entered in the house the problems have started, below are some examples of the problems I am facing since the time :

1. In the first month only sealing is there on the walls and the roofs be informed this is the first month of the building. On complaining for this, no one responds no action taken till date.

2. The taps in the washrooms are leaking again this is the first month.

3.There is no ventilation provided in the kitchen be informed no place has been given for exhaust also.

4.As promised during booking that external electrification would be charged at 50 Rs per Sqft which have been changed to 100 rs. per sqft later on with out letting anyone know saying that Govt has revised the rates for this I am not sure how Govt has made this much heavy change if they did.(I doubt on this)

5.The power back up has been made mandate for 2 KVA which was promised as 1 KVA during the booking again without letting any stakeholders attention.

6.The rent for the power back up has been decided as 1000 Rs per KVA. no matter how much units you have used, if you are using any unit you have to pay extra.

7.It was clearly mentioned in my application form that all External Development Charges have been paid but again they are demanding 11000 Rs as Development charges saying nothing and while opposing they cut the light of apartment be informed that all the maintenance charge and electricity charges has been paid in advance still they cut the light.

8.Usually Maintenance of the newly constructed building been taken care by Builder for at least 18 months but this builder has mandate this from the day you have netered in the house that too @ the rate which he decides.

I have faced all these things in initial 3 months I think many more on the way.

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