Unique Fertility Care complaints – Please be aware of Pawan Sharma – Unique fertility care center complaints

Posted By: Avishek

Pawan sharma of  Unique Fertility Care http://www.uniquefertilitycare.com is a big fraud person. Stay away from him.

I request everyone to be aware of pawan sharma from unique fertility. They are one of the biggest cheats that i have ever found. Their bangalore business is managed by poornima anand. Their bitter truth is that they are not into the business of providing donor eggs and surrogate mothers rather they take advance from you with their sweet words.In our case, 2 times they failed to provide us a quality egg donor. We got fed up with their behavior and we asked for a refund. Since then pawan is not even picking up our call and he did not refund any money that we paid as advance. We have suffered huge financial loss because of him and his fraud company. To escape the situation he simply doesn’t pickup the call. Don’t give these cheaters any advance as once they take your money they will not even consider it necessary to respond. They say that they do screening of the girls who they propose as donor but in reality they do not do any screening and only after spending 50k on injections and 40k on his advance you will come to know that cycle has failed. This happened twice with us and now he is ignoring our calls. One of the worst experience that we had with him.

we have lost all hope of getting our money back but through this complaint we wish to create awareness among other such couples looking for donor eggs or surrogacy at this clinic.

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