WWICS Complaints – Story of how wwics cheated me

Posted By: Tito

WWICS is a big cheater company. Following is the Story of how wwics cheated me. Be aware of this big fraud and cheater company.

I came across wwics when I was working in AbuDhabi , I am software engineer with 5 years of experience, I thought of migrating to Australia,and the guy in AbuDhabi really did brainwash me in taking up the services of wwics , he called me daily and I told , I match up the points and I will surely get PR in Australia and finally I thought I will avail the service.

So as a first step he asked me to pay 3500 Dirhams , which will come upto 40,000 INR , he actually persuaded me to pay full amount,but I am a guy with a salary as my income so I chose installment package,which I think was a good decision,coz I lost only 40K,thank god. After getting the money,the guy changed his attitude and never responds to my queries. Also they closed the branch in AbuDhabi and told me to goto Dubai branch.

But I had some problem with my job and came back to India and started the processing with Cochin branch.The relationship officer in Cochin ,her name is Vinodhini , she spoke to me so arrogantly when I asked her what documents I shud give as a first step,she told she cant talk on phone as she is busy , and she told she will sent an email , which she never did.

So I thought of calling customer care number in their website , but that number did not exist and I called next number and someone picked up and after making me wait around 5 minutes,someone called Navneet answered my call and he told me to sent a complaint by email which I did so 3 weeks back and he never replied to my email.

As far as I can see is that , these people persuade you in giving your money first,and they tell you to pay for full package at once,once you get into the trap,they will ignore you. Also we cant actually get the refund of the money , coz they make you sign the contract like that,as we are common people,we wont understand all the clauses written in that,it will be written by a lawyer who knows all these loopholes,so even if you complaint against these people in court ,they have the contract we have signed with them as their proof. In the contract its written that our money will not be refunded. So its no use complaining against them, what we can all do is to prevent others from falling into the same trap like we did.

Being a software engineer , I tot I will post this in all forums and social media I find online and there is an intresting things I found out while browsing thru the forums , the forums which gave negative remarks against wwics had positive comments posted almost many times repeatedly,being a guy with knowledge in internet , I can tell that , these comments are fake comments posted by the same wwics guys to improve their reputation which has gone bad.

I can also see that many positive comments are posted in this forum too,by a guy called Navneet , this guy is the same customer guy who never replied to my emails.

So what I have decided is to post in all forums , my story of entrapment by wwics and spread awareness to all people in India. Please feel free to share my story everywhere you like , My name is Tito Cheriachan and you can contact me by simply do a facebook search in my name , you can find me, and I shall testify this cheating anywhere also I have recorded all the calls I did to wwics and you can hear the arrogant way they talked to me.

I am attaching my cash receipt and first page of contract as proof to my story. And I really hope this forum admin will not delete my post.If the forum admin is deleting this post , then you are also cheating a whole community who has been cheated by wwics.The file number they gave me while I gave cash is : 61708 , I am providing this information , so that if that guy Navneet sees this post and he can atleast respond to me or give me my cash refund if possible. Also I am sure this post will surely help other people before they think about giving money to wwics.



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