Kansas Overseas Careers Complaints – Kansas Overseas is one of the worst company to ask for the PR processing

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Kansas Overseas Careers Complaints – Kansas Overseas(www.kansaz.in) is one of the worst company to ask for the PR processing

One of the worst company to ask for the PR processing. They will charge a amount like Rs. 80,000/- which they will take in one shot and then you will hardly get any updates from them. Over that My Canada application was picked up by one of the province which they never checked the mail which they created for this purpose and were about to miss when by chance we checked and informed them about it. After that the person (named Arun) was assigned the case, was hardly taking any interest in the application filling on time and taking his luxury to fill while we already missed one month window of completing it. And one day suddenly the whole application got cancelled. After checking with Canada immigration people, I came to know that the person cancelled it and now I am not more eligible for the same anymore. I lost my Canada option due to this guy irresponsible behavior. Kansas Overseas is worst company to file your canada PR process so please be aware you will loose your money and they will never help you in anything.

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  1. I was registered with Kansas Overseas Careers company for 2 years. and there was no follow up done about anything whatsoever. I paid 80,000 for nothing. And according to them i should only call for the updates
    There was not a single call or an email to help me what I registered for. I know that the 2 years contract with them has expired. But I think I still have the right to ask and question these people about what they have done.
    So I called the number and Mr Pavan answered the call and he told me that I will receive a call from another person in the next 24 hrs. And I received a call after 48hrs from Mr Ahmed who does not even know how to greet a client. And I think is not trained on telephone etiquette. I asked him a straight question about what follow ups were done in my case. He did not have any information. and i think he was in a more casual mode. I felt this guy only gives proper responses to clients who are active in the contract and I am not. His attitude made me very angry. and according to him I am CROSSING THE LIMITS. And when I ask for a manager,he says he is the manager there. These people have such a pathetic manager who is taking the salary for doing nothing. Shame on these people.
    I would certainly let people know on all platforms not to go to Kansas Overseas Careers. They will lose their money

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