AMRI Hospital Kolkata Reviews

By: Saberi

I wish I would have read all these reviews before my father 68 year old was admitted 2 days back compared to reading everyone elses plight mine is nothing, but nevertheless I would like to mention it, yesterday our ENT doc Dr Roychoudhury performed an operation on my dad, he is a pace maker patient so when a nursr is suppose to give injection he shud be doubly careful, instead he wasnt for which my father had terrible chest pain and was feeling like he was loosing sense when luckily a house physician recovered him.


Today he was to be discharged and he was informed about it in the morning itself, where my mother 65 year old was waiting along with him for all formalities and were told to wait for 3 hrs till all procedures were completed, 3 hrs went by and nothing was done, and a good for nothing woman sat there, later we came to know from someone that they do this on purpose to extract more money from mediclaim so they keep there patient waiting till 6 and then they can tell the mediclaim to get more money. I think these are simply leeches! Nor the doctors help us neither these service peoplein the hospitals . May they rot here on earth and as well as in hell.

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