Block Gemini Technologies UAE Complaints

By: J Caruso

Block Gemini Technologies
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
These guys are the biggest scammers in the blockchain industry. The guys who run it Chad and Chris are two brothers who ran a company called Mediawhite in the same office in Dubai. Mediawhite was an advertising company who received a bunch of bad reviews as they scammed their customers, taking their money and not giving back. Mediawhite went out of business and completely offline, and then pop. Block Gemini appears run by the two same brothers at the exact same location. They are taking advantage of the current blockchain craze and demand.. They have no experience or knowledge in blockchain, or ICO’s for that matter. The CEO Chris calls himself a “blockchain scientist” on LinkedIn.. There is no such thing as a blockchain scientist lol! Hes trying to make him self sound smart and experienced in this field. Calling yourself a blockchain scientist is like calling your self an internet scientist.. Makes no sense right.. but is a good way for tricking inexperienced customers.
Anyway these guys ripped off my company over $100, 000k. I paid block gemini to do a full ICO, yet Block Gemini never followed deadlines, were late to meet all tasks, promised things that were never done. As a result I ended my agreement with Blockgemini, stopped working with them completely, took the $100k loss but took on another blockchain company and had a successful ICO. At the end we lost 100k to block gemini but moving on was the best decision for my company as we now ran a successful ICO without Block Gemini.

Dont work with these guys period. Look at their team. They claim to be blockchain experts yet no one in their team has any history. They’ve never conducted an ICO before, but claim they’ve raised over $150, 000, 000 which they cant back up with any proof. Chris the CEO is a scammer, who is too busy ripping clients off from both Mediawhite and Block Gemini and spending it on cars and watches so he can post on his instagram.

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