Dreamline Workforce is Fake recruiment agency

By: Nitin

Firstly they will approach you & tell your big stories about lifestyle of canada/australia etc…Then they will ask you to pay They 1700/- for evaluation fees (which is also fake…done by themselves own)…Then they will come out with positive report & ask you to pay another 65-70k for further services …Another thing this co is regt with Service Tax Authority still thet are charging service tax (If you see carefully Invoice there is no regn No of Sefvice tax_…Further dreamline do not have any tie up with canada employers…They will show off your many things but nothing is actual…Be careful DO NOT go ahead with any kind of services with this co…before anything they will ask you to pay them full amout of payment …once paymnet is done they will ask your many no of documents (it is impossible for your to provide such documents) …then they will sit on your things / documents for 4-5 months …then they will create fake interview (conducted by dreamline employees Harsh/swati/meenakshi only)…THIS IS ALL FRAUD /FRAUD / FRAUD ONLY

Secondly they will also post positive views on their own to make themselves popular

DO NOT GO Ahead with this Fake co!!!

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