ERA (ADEL) Landmarks Ltd. Noida — Grievance against ERA (ADEL) LANDMARKS LIMITED for deferring investment by non-allotment of unit and then delay in refund.

By: Parixit Dhirawat

Subject of the matter:

This grievance is against builder ERA LANDMARKS LIMITED (recently name changed to ADEL Landmarks Limited, learnt as to rebuild their tarnish image) head office: B-24, SECTOR-3, NOIDA-201301, phone : 0120-4037000. for deferring investment by non-allotment of unit and then delay in refund.

Background details:

I’ve booked one unit at ERA residential project in Sector-103, Gurgaon in Jan’2012, registration number GGN/P&F/981 (phase-3) for which I opt CLP (construction link plan) and have paid 20% of amount i.e. Rs.10Lac as per norms.

After following them hard for almost 2 years with ‘n’ numbers of e-mails, phone calls and personal visits, ERA failed to provide allotment of unit. They only gave false promises to wait for 2 or 3 more months each time. Meanwhile, it has been learnt that they sold units and took advance booking money from many buyers more than the number of units available with them.

In March’14 one of ERA’s sales representatives offered me to get unit allotment by paying Rs.8Lac instead of Rs.2Lac calculated based on ERA provided CLP only. That implies they have units but they want to fetch more money from already frustrated and helpless buyers.

Victimizing these level of ill-intentions, unprofessionalism and uncertainty of project in 2.5 years, in Apr’14 I decided to cancel my booking and get back my hanged investment. Refund application submit 12-Apr-14.

Now another series of harassment, mis-management, unprofessionalism and set of arbitrary norms started.

As per the terms and condition mentioned in advance registration application form, if ERA failed to give allotment, the refund amount should be made under 30 days notice period, which in my case was 12-May-2014, along with nominal compensation interest calculated @7.5% p.a. However their customer care representatives proudly declares minimum 60 workings days that too for PDC (post dated cheque) will be provided worst in 3 parts. Experiencing other refund applicants these cheques may be 3-6 months post dated.

The most frustrating part is that there is NO FACE of any of ERA/ADEL representative. If you call at their CRM (random call handlers) once in a while they pick the call and repeat mugged up sentences for which they have been “trained” for. If you challenge them for norms violation, they cite this is “management decision”, who seems virtually ghost, don’t have names, faces, contacts details and always remain in so called “meetings” if you visit Noida head office and wish to have word with them.

After 2 years of harassment, it is now more than 2 and half months I filed refund application and these people are still giving false promises and dates. One can find many more frustrated victim customers at their Noida head office literally either fighting or begging for their own money.

Assumingly, builder is making money by re-selling cancelled units as other nearby constructions has almost 70-100% appreciated rate in past 2.5 years. Current prices are varying Rs.5000 to 7000 per sq. feet while I’ve invested as rate Rs.3500/- by then. I still don’t own my dream house neither can afford current price.

I further submit my plea to help me to get compensation with respectable return of my hard earn investment as current prices.

Parixit Dhirawat

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