Immigration fraud in India

By: Pradeep (Jr. Editor)
Let me share my experience regarding immigration to Canada with all my valuable readers. The state of Punjab has the maximum number of people who want to go abroad, in search of green pastures in foreign lands. Every state of India is in the grip of many sham visa providers, who promise to arrange employer visas for countries like Canada, Singapore and USA, and other European countries.
Every state of India is in the grip of many sham visa providers.
The modus operandi starts with hosting huge seminars, where foreigners are invited in order to impress the gullible candidates. From here, their endless miseries begin. I want to educate you that, in a country like Canada, there are no jobs. Even the state of Manitoba, where a skilled worker gets a visa within two years, the cold conditions and harsh weather will lead you to misery. There is no effective culture of factories in Canada.
Every person needs to have a total of 69 points in order to qualify for immigration to Canada. You must have a ILETS (English Test as Foreign Language) with a minimum of 5.5-7 band.
There are many fake universities in Canada run by Chinese families (almost 700), and many of them have been closed down as the Canadian Govt did not approve their extension. Save yourself from immigration frauds. Check for the Protector of Immigrants licence in the office of Immigration. If you see any office having a certificate with ICCRC (this is a membership from a registered Canadian Immigration society), you need to remember that such membership is not valid under India law.
I have personally come across people who have fallen in the trap of fraudulent visa providers.
If you have any questions or queries regarding any immigration agency indulging in fraud, you can either write to the concerned Deputy commissioner of your city, or to minister of External affairs as Protector of Immigrants.
I would personally like to request all youths, especially from Punjab, please don’t fall in the trap of such fraud.
Pardeep Sharma

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