INDIA HOMES – Fraud with employees

By: aam.aadmi

AGNI Property now India Homes is a very big cheat and unethical company. It is not only doing fraud with its customers but also with its employees. They are not releasing Full & Final settlement of ex-employees on one pretext or another. They make their ex-employees so much harassed that one fine day he stops pursuing for his hard earned money. If any employee wants to meet the Directors or Samarjeet Singh to put his grievances against the system prevailing in the company, he is harassed by top management by dire consequences. I think that something is fishy and entire top management is corrupt and doesn’t want to resolve the issues where they are at financial loss.

With this approach towards its customers & employees, I am sure that such kind of fraudulent company will be vanished soon. Families and kids of Management will suffer with worst of incurable diseases on earth with the money they have earned by all wrong means.

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