Jain Realtors Fraud – ajay jain,vijay jain s/o suresh jain owners of jain realtors (real estate co.) of palam,dwarka new delhi Complaints – fraud /grabbing of money

By: Vkj
entire family of Ajay –Vijay Jain( including of Ajay –Vijay Jain, Suresh jain Topi wala) of jain realtors of Dwarka New Delhi are become fraud , cheaters and grabbers of our money which is now around Rs. 85 lacs ++ as on 20-07-2015 (& increasing day by day )we are very needful for our money ,but the above said people are not returning our above said money even after a lot of requests for return of our entire money to them; all the family of jain realtors including suresh jain and santosh jain are become deaf and blind in the matter of return of our money; they are not even contacting to us despite of infinite messages to then through many different sources . May God punish them as much as possible for the cheatings of all this family . All this fraud is done by this jain family with many of jain families & ors. of the vicinity ,this all family become sham less and eating the food of others, this family also managed the police , and police is not taking any action against this family even after many clues. This all family and its supporting relatives are misusing the law. We pray to God to give this family very hard punishment so that non of this family may survive ever in future .This entire family is not entitle for any type of sympathy ,as the entire acts of this family are very fraudulent and to grab the money of a lot of innocent people . We also request to those people who still helping these cheater to not to help them directly or indirectly because that may be the next victim of this fraud and sham less family and their helping people will also be the partners of the crimes of this cheater family ,be aware for this family. police should catch this entire fraud family . Ajay jain is fully active on facebook , twitter, e-mail A/c, social media, on mobile phone no. 9899707106, using his old car, residing with family in the house of one of his sister in the east delhi. police can do any thing , nothing is impossible for police.

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