Lavisa Infrastructures Limited Fraud Company


I got to know about lavisa through a friend. I was overseas at that time and did not have access to my cheque book while in USA. I transferred the monies to my friend and asked them to pay in cheque on my behalf. My friend wrote up the cheque and Lavisa accepted it.

Lavisa issued me all papers and documentation on stamp paper.

I had a fight with my friend and we dont talk anymore. Time came for second installment and
I was still overseas, I asked another friend to deposit the check for the second payment.
My friend deposited the check with Lavisa and Lavisa accepted the cheque.

My friend who had written up the first cheque (who i had a fight with) had some sort of relationship building with Lavisa and Lavisa told me I need to deposit the monies for the first installment as it was not my cheque. They infact told my second friend that they could also get the plot by simply paying the first deposit.

Who dealth with this, the very director of the company had a relationship with my first friend.

What does that tell you?

Dishonest, I will also scan and post the documents in a day to prove my point.

Be very weary and you are better off with putting your monies with a company that is honest.

I spoke to Hari Kumar from Accounts and requested so may times to take some action, Lavisa advised I have lost the plot.

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