Nitesh Estates Bangalore Review – Fraud company with fraud employees

By: Lokesh

Nitesh Estate offered me an apartment in Caesar Palace, Bangalore with a buy back option in 2014. The option clearly stated that if I surrender my property after one year I will get Rs.600 per sq.ft return on my investment from Nitesh Estate.

We signed an MOU for the same but after one year when I contacted Nitesh Estate they bluntly refused to pay back my money. Its been more than two years now that I have been struggling with them, following up on a regular basis. The employees who were giving me surety in 2014 simply refused to entertain my calls and reply to my mails. I had invested in this property with a loan and for last one year I have been paying monthly installments and interest to the bank for a property that I cannot afford.

BEWARE: It’s a fraud company, I advise investors not to invest in any of their property. I am going to take legal action on this company soon.

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