Samsung – Complaint No.8447765141

By: sajipaulose


I am Dr. Saji Paulose from Bangalore. My clinic TV (Samsung-4 series LCD) had a problem with the relay. The TV would have a blank screen in spite of switching ON. The relay would then start all of a sudden if we keep the TV ON for 8-10hours.

I placed a complaint on 0120-30308282 on 26th of October 2012. Complain Number – (8447765141)

The concerned representative kept delaying the visit to check the concern with our TV for few days saying that he is not anywhere near our locality.

He comes on 30th October 2012 (4 days from complaint) & informs us that the PCP is gone and needs to be replaced. Also that we need to pay as it is out of warranty.

I asked him to go ahead and do the needful. A day or two later he calls to say that it is not available in Bangalore and needs to be requested from Gurgaon Head office, for which he requires a copy of the Invoice & Address Proof which he collected in few days.

Following which I called to check for an update in few days, and he says that the invoice copy provided by us does not have the price of the TV on it, so we need to re-submit the invoice with TV price on it. This could have been avoided if he had checked the documents thoroughly the first time.

He doesn’t turn up to pick up the documents in spite of contact follow-up from our side stating some excuse or the other. In the end, we asked him if we could send the documents to him & he asks us to scan and email it to his manager which we did immediately. This information was given to me on 16th Nov 2012, 20 DAYS from the day of complaint.

He gave me an assurance at that point of time that the PCP would arrive within a week. I call back after a week and the concerned representative asks me to call his office number for an update. After a lot a persistent follow-ups from our end, we were updated that the Gurgaon Head office has sent the request to Korea Head office and hopefully the PCP should come by end of yet another week.

End of week, we again follow up and they say Gurgaon Head office is still awaiting a reply from Korea since 23rd Nov 2012 which is really ridiculous. I mean a week for a reply.

By now it is almost a month from the complaint date & we ask for the Gurgaon Head office number. We are told to call the call center number and they will provide us with the Gurgaon Head office Number. The call center representative promises me that he will arrange a call back from the concerned service department within half an hour. This is on 29th Nov 2012. The call never came through.

I again call the call center on 01st Dec 2012 & they put me through to floor supervisor who patiently heard my complaint, however refused to give the Gurgaon Head office number saying that they were not authorized to give the number.

The number 0124-4881234 (gurgaon) was only provided when I mentioned that I would go ahead and drop an email about the kind of service provided by Samsung.

I have been constantly trying the Gurgaon number & no one is picking up the phone. 26th October 2012 to 01st December 2012 & we are still waiting for the PCP with no information whatsoever from Samsung on what is going on. I am really unhappy with slack service given by Samsung.

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