Vision job care online data entry cheating

By : Rani

This site is a big fraud after gone through the complaints online I believed that fellow named kunal sharma who says in-charge of sales department I paid amount in bank of india at hyderabad rs.4250/- For online job then after 3 days he sent me a work which is not online but images to be typed and send back to him when I asked why the problem he said server problem but he DID not reveal earlier..from next day onwards he stopped lifting the phone ..customer care no hindi which is in site customer care support no : ****** they are dummy he saves our number and cut off the call I had lot of doubts I sent emails no response ..if u create one dummy ID and send a mail he responds immediately tells us to pay the amount and he says online complaints are given by his competitors but no way I am victim of him and he cheats by his site beware of this dogs never pay the amount I lost 4250 but if anybody want to join mail me I send the jobwork which those fraud fellows has sent me. Please do not believe and pay as well they operate 2 websites one is visionjobcare.Com and next one is data-entry-jobs.Com same account number of boi for both sites but various persons. Being an educated I had been fooled my friends please dont pay him..

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