By: Ram Kumar
KUNALASTRO is big FRAUD KUNALVAASTU CHEAT people. I have been cheated by him. HIS all claims about ADBHUT JEEVAN SANGRAH is FAKE and Fraud FALSE. KUNAL KUMAR on MH1 SHRADDHA CHEAT people by making fool. I ordered ADHBHUT JEEVAN SANGRAH and found myself got cheated . It Garbage. No vastusastra no kali kitab no samudra sastra. Etc … kunal kumar make fake fraud promise about this book to cheat people. Even free kundli availables on internet software are much better and accurate………. People like Gd vashista, kunal kumar etc. Are all fraud people who do simply use kundli software and tv advertisement to make kundli and attract people all over makink false fraur claims. Since I suffered amd my money and time gone waste therefore I am using this forum to make peoplr aware. Kunal kumar is fraud and normal person like us who simply read some books on astrology and using kundli software to fool people making boasting about his knowledge. In this way earning thousands of rupees from people sending rubbish printouts computer generated and cheat people . In this ways such peoples are earning billions of rupees. When I phoned so many times to their call centre and told their is nothing in kundli which kunal kumar vaastu kendra claim. Cancled my call every time. They do not pick our call once we get cheated and find oter to cheat.

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