Dell – Cancellation order

By: kpraturi

Hi, I ordered a 660 Inspiron desktop from DELL. The order number is Order # 300033069. Just after I made payment to DELL, I noticed that the configuration is not same as it was required, So within 5 minutes after payment I sent a mail to Dell representative Manish “” for cancellation of the order. He assured me that he will cancel it. 5 Minutes later I got mails and message for shipment of PC. I again contacted Dell for this. And next day they sent me mail that Order is cancelled but I will have to pay shipping charges Rs 2500/-. I did not get any refund till now. Rs 2500/ is not reasonable and small money, If a product is cancelled. It is clearly cheating with consumers. Should I go to consumer court for this kind of behavior by DELL’s Indian service providers. The services are provided by DELL’

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