Financial pyramid of QNET

By: Tejas

Six months we carefully studied this “Chinese MMM”, and today we decided to share our observations. Why? Because thousands of trusting students have already given from 60 to 150 thousand rubles for the priceless experience of being a best friend or close relative. If you look at their “business scheme” from the outside, it is difficult to understand how someone can believe in it. The trick here is this: the pyramid spreads through friends and family, so the trust of listeners is initially high, and criticality is turned off. In addition, recruited teach effective phrases ” I thought we were friends ” and ” yes, I’m going to deceive my relatives?

QNet has been operating in Russia for more than 3 years (of course, they never had an illegal office in Russia), but they are not yet all aware of it, so the pyramid continues to damage the inhabitants of Russia (and also to residents of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and many other countries). The law against the pyramids in Russia has not yet been adopted, therefore it is possible to stop QNet only by broadly informing about the problem.

Brief information about the pyramid of QNet:
– appeared in Hong Kong 15 years ago,
– began with vparivaniya population “gold” coins on a binary scheme, then tried to sell the program-caller (paid analogue skype),
– prevails in Asia (India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.),
– in recent years has expanded its product range: added “health products”, jewelry, watches, timeshare and training courses,
– participants in this pyramid are periodically arrested in different countries ( India has recently become more active ), but the company does not suffer from this, because it is not obliged to be responsible for the actions of its “independent representatives.”

About how lure into the pyramid is very clearly written on Lurke: (carefully, there is a little bit of profanity). Let’s briefly say:
– A friend or relative lures the future victim (usually a student) to a meeting where he first asks him what he dreams about (his apartment, a steep car, travel, etc.), and then convinces him that neither a scholarship nor a scholarship on the salary in the coming years this dream will not be fulfilled,
– Next comes the story that in the 21st century there is a wonderful way to earn as much as you want, and this method is approved by Dmitry Medvedev, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Donald Trump, and many more,
– more than that, they tell the future victim, QNet is such a cool company that its partners are Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sberbank, Alfabank and so on,
– and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, said that if he started everything from the beginning, he would not create Microsoft, but would do business in QNet,

There are many other lies that are hung on the ears of a trustful listener. The only goal is to convince the student to go to the bank or borrow from someone 60 or 150 thousand rubles (the amount depends on the region). Agitators are ready to teach how to effectively occupy many in a little bit (it is more reliable to ask for emergency dental treatment). As soon as the victim gave the money, she no longer fails, because it is necessary to return the debt. And if so, then the victim starts to turn into a full member of QNet: it follows the instructions of its managers, starts recruiting relatives and friends in QNet , pays contributions for renting the office and for motivating trainings and so on.

The result is pitiable: people give up their studies and the first job (to devote themselves only to “business”), they recruit loans at high interest rates (because they are convinced that in a few months they will come to an income of $ 5,000 per week), quarrel with relatives and so on . The longer a person in this sect, the more difficult it is for him to return to normal life after it.

And few references to materials on the topic for those who want to know the details:
– for some products in QNet, prices are overestimated 100 times (that is, QNet adherents urge friends and relatives to give $ 650 for a plastic “biodisk”, which can be ordered from the manufacturer for $ 6 – it’s mean and low, but a person with washed brains easily agrees to throw loved ones into meaningless losses),
– the quality of QNet products is confirmed by certificates of fictitious institutions (it turns out that there are no adequate ways to check whether a real product or fake came because the real “health product” does not work either – they are all useless)
– the direct selling association of Russia classifies QNet as a class of veiled pyramids and offers simple signs that can be reliably protected from this pyramid (and our Direct Selling Association consists of WFDSA and SELDIA , so you should listen to it)
– simple calculations show that only a few have a chance to at least earn something in QNet , and most will simply lose time, money and good relationships with loved ones,

Over the past six months, relatively large media have reported about the QNet pyramid (there was a report on the Vesti program on the Russia-1 channel, a series of articles in the Komsomolskaya Pravda, and so on but this is still not enough. a lot of people who know that QNet is a scam, then this financial pyramid will cease to spread in Russia, and students will return to study.

There are many more detailed materials about QNet, but we did not want to clutter up the article with links (and so it was already a lot of work). Please support this entry on social networks, so that as few people as possible get into the network of the QNet pyramid. Think about which of your acquaintances can get into QNet- prepare him for the visit of the recruiters in advance!

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