WWICS Complaints – Fraud Company WWICS Immigration Services

Posted By: Sumit

I have been scammed by this pathetic organization like others who have also posted their reviews on internet about this company. WWICS is the second name for fraud. I paid them in full but still they took 7 months to submit my PR file. They irresponsibly delayed from their side. They promised me a PR approval in 5 years but instead they made me wait for 10 years with no PR approval. I want to warn and alert other people to stay away from this scam and would request people who have been a victim of WWICS fraud, to come forward and share their experience so that other people do not fall prey to WWICS scam. WWICS fraud was the first in my life that I was a victim of. WWICS makes you wait for a long time and then simply leaves you without any productive output. WWICS wastes a lot of time and investing in their services was a huge mistake. WWICS is a fake and fraud immigration consultancy service who simply wastes time and energy of innocent people. My 10 years of precious time, energy and peace of mind was wasted. WWICS scam and WWICS fraud have become the 2 most horrible terms in my life and I will never forgive WWICS scammers for the cheating and fraud they did to me.

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