WWICS Fraud – A fraudulent and vicious trap

Posted By: Rakesh

If you have been researching on how to get a PR or if you have been looking for consultation on your immigration, then there is a good chance that you might have come across a company called WWICS. But before you go ahead and contact them for help, please take out some time to read my review on their services.

WWICS for me stands for World’s Worst Immigration Consultancy Service. I have been scammed by this pathetic organization like others who have also posted their reviews on internet about this company. WWICS is the second name for fraud. They fooled me by taking my money and giving me nothing except lot of stress and frustration.

I got in touch with them in the year 2003 in order to take their services to help me attain PR in 5 years time. I paid them in full but still they took 7 months to submit my PR file. And due to this irresponsible delay from their side, I got stuck with a new rule that came during that time which extended the PR approval period from 5 years to 9 years. Following this I had to wait 6 long years only to get my time wasted by them for a 3 day training regarding my PR file submission procedure and like always this also ended up without any positive output. Later in 2012, i.e. 10 years after 2003, I got the shocking news that PR can no longer be processed because of policy changes. I was frustrated and felt humiliated beyond imagination. I asked them to refund my money and compensate me for my time wasted, but all they offered was an amount of….. which was even less than the original amount of …… that I originally paid them.

I want to alert everybody to stay away from this scam and would urge other people who have been a victim of WWICS fraud, to come forward and share their story so that other people do not fall prey to this scam.

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