WWICS is the Fraud company for Immigration and PR Services

Posted By: Mayank

My experience with WWICS has been pathetic. They are just a scam company who is trying to steal money from people by luring them into their immigration trap. They did not get my PR work done as promised by them and even did not refund me in full my money that I paid them even after 10 years.

WWICS cannot be trusted. They are simply no good and cheat people for money. They did not help me with my PR which they earlier promised to get approved in 5 years. They made a fool out of me with their fraudulent procedures and scammed me by not even refunding my money in full.

Never ever go to WWICS for any kind of immigration or PR related services. They will make you wait for a long time and then just leave you without any productive output. They waste a lot of time and investing in their services in a big mistake. They scammed me too and did not even refund my money.

WWICS is fraudulent trap. Do not fall prey to their scam. They have useless work procedures that would not be helpful in any way to you. They promised me PR approval but did not get the work done. Today I stand shattered and frustrated with no option but to curse myself for trusting in WWICS.

Long long long wait and no result!!! That is all you get from WWICS in return for your trust in their services. I paid them my hard earned money and in return I got stress and frustration. They promised me a PR approval in 5 years but instead they made me wait for 10 years with no PR approval. They are a scam as they kept all my hardened earn money.

I will share more info from different users in coming articles and let you know WWICS fraud in different countries for the employment.

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