Airtel – Network and Internet Service Too Bad and unreliable

By: milindkoulgikar

I have been a customer of Airtel since 2006. I have been facing call drop and net connectivity issues since 2-3 months and no resolution is being provided till date after my repeated complaints. I tried to contact the customer service desk about 15-20 times but was not able to connect to the mobile service. when the IVR was asking me to enter 1 for mobile service even when i entered 1 it was not accepting. This is really poor service by Airtel. I have tried all methods to resolve this issue but your service department is not supporting anything. The information provided to me is not helping me in any way at all. Today was the end of my patience as i was calling customer service and it was not connecting. I have the entire video recording of the call that i was making and IVR was failing to respond to any of my requests (i can share the video recording anytime). How can a customer get good service where he is not able to connect to the customer service dept. when i contacted the customer service dept. the executive told me a solution. It was to go to the Airtel service center and get the SIM checked. There is no method to check the SIM at any of your Airtel Service centers. The executive just checked the sim manually and returned it to me again. The problem thus remained unresolved. If anyone can help me within the next 24-48 hrs i wont move to another service provider, else i will consider doing number portability with another service provider. Airtel horrible service has forced me to take this decision. If my complaint is not resolved i will approach the top management of Airtel (i know all he contacts) and raise this issue. Thanks Milind

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