Dell – Dell Laptop Heat Sink problem

By: suresh

Hello Guys, Dont buy Dell Laptop. Laptop is cheap and won’t work after 2-3 years. If you buy dell laptop then you have to go with following option: 1. You have to run to service center frequently for display, motherboard, heat problems 2. You should be insured or extend warranty for laptop on yearly basis by paying 5, 000 rupees/year 3. If laptop is not insured/warranty then after two years you have to pay to same dell company for 1/5th of amount you spent. i.e. 8k for 43k laptop 4. You use laptop for browsing purpose and not for regular use 5. You have lots of money and you want to buy a laptop and don’t mind about the money Laptop: Inspiron Cost: 43, 000 My friend and i faced the same problem. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE RISK PLEASE GO ON. I bought a dell laptop three years back on Aug – 2010 for 43, 000 rupees. I was very happy to see that laptop look good and everything works fine as well. After a month laptop is starting to give trouble with heating issue. If i use laptop for 2 hours continously then i was not able to touch my keyboard itself. I started calling dell service center and they said i was not in a cool place so heat is generating like that. So they suggested me to use my latop in cool place. That suggestion sucks. So i bought a cooler pad. Even that didn’t solve my problem. I searched in google and i see that lots of people facing the same problem. After 8 months during July-2010, Lot of Heat gets generated and i was not able to sit near and work. Sometimes Laptop switched off automatically. So i thought of going to service center. Service center guy said that problem is in the motherboard and if i dont replace that then my mother board will be dead after sometime. so he said that i have to replace the motherboard to solve this issue. Thank god my laptop covered in warranty. So they changed motherboard and processor and no money to pay. I was happy during that time. Even after that i faced the same problem like heat generating continuously. When i ask them about this they said warranty was not covered. I dont know that to do. So i decided to buy a new laptop for my regular work and kept this laptop for browsing purpose and reading ebooks. Again problem remains the same. My Laptop was switched off continuosly if i use for 4 hours. Last July it started giving major issue like suddenly laptop will show blue screen with some code. It happened for 4 to 5 times. One day when i switch on my laptop it started giving beep sound. So i was shocked and i took it to service center. They said they have to replace mothor board because mother board is dead. To replace mother board and for service i have to pay 12, 000 rupees. If i do service alone that will cost just 15, 00 but i will give problem after 3 months. Same guy told me to sell this laptop online because there are lots of people coming with the same problem. I asked him to exchange he said he can give 8, 000 rupees for my laptop. I shocked because i bought for 43, 000. it is not even 1/4th of money i spent. When i called Dell customer care they said this is normal. They said i should have warranty or else i have to pay this money. They dont accept this as a problem because warranty is over. They said they can give assurance for hardware only during warranty period. Please go to below link for my same problem: Type “dell inspiron n5010 prob” in google and see what comes first or type “dell inspiron n5010 heating problem” in google Guys if you buy dell laptop then it will be dead after 2 years then you have to sell to same dell company for 1/5th of the laptop cost.

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