Fraud in Immigration process

By: Ravinder Dahiya(Team Member)

WWICS Complaints – Fraud in Immigration process

This is Ravinder Singh Dahiya. I applied for immigration for Canada from WWICS Rajouri Garden office in April 2005 with file number (29562) and opted for Gold scheme which was of 1.2 lacs, in which the company offered to help in providing accommodation and job after I was provided visa by the Canadian Embassy. This money was supposed to be paid in installments according to the progress of my case, so I paid 30000 as initial amount to WWICS and 19000 as the immigration fee and was told that it would take around 4-5 years for immigration process to get finalized. In March 2009, I was contacted by WWICS Rajouri Garden office to submit my IELTS transcript to initiate my immigration process by the Canadian Embassy. The transcript was submitted in June 2009 by me and they told to me that I will receiving my medical test call in around a year’s time, which i waited eagerly for. After waiting till April 2010, I called WWICS office again and they told me to wait for a few more months and I will be receiving a medical test call in September 2010. Since there was no call in September, I contacted their office again and found that they had no information regarding my IELTS transcript in their system and told me that they might have misplaced it in their office. This came as a shock to me and I told them to locate it as soon as possible as it was just not only a transcript but my hardwork on which I have spent my money and time. What was more shocking to me was that they now told that it will take around 2 more years to get the immigration process complete.

So, I do not know what to do, please suggest me some way.

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