Unauthorised use of property by M/S scenic developers lower basement hauzkhas

By R.W.A – Hauz Khas


This is to inform you that mr krishan kumar m.d of m/s scenic develoers is using his property which is in a residential area in an unauthorized way by having his office in that premises and by renting it to some other company also.. due to which we as resident’s of tht block are very disturbed because of their vehicles improperly parked and use of abusive language by their employees through out the day.. by repeted complaints to police & m.c.d there is no effect on this atmosphere..it seems that mr krishan kumar is a very highly infleuntial man with government deligates well known to him that is y they ignore all our complaints and such kind of illegal activities are still in progress. we would like to request you to please take immediate action of sealing this property , so as we can get some relief out of this .

address of the unauthorised property:-

C-23 hauzkhas lower ground floor
new delhi .

thanks with regards from
resident wefare association
hauzkhas new delhi.

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