Kunal Vaastu Kendra Complaints – Kunal vaastu kendra complaints

Posted By: Rajkumarji

Kunal Vaastu Kendra https://www.kunalvaastukendra.com/ is  fraud and Cheater.

Acharya Kunal Kumar is Fraud, cheater and liar . Kunal kumar owner of Kunal Vaastu Kendra cheated me with their fake, fraud and false ADBHUT JEEVAN SANGRAH kundli. Kunal Kumar programms showign on many tv channels. Acharya Kunal kumar making fool people by their false kundlis.

I also ordered ADHBHUT JEEVAN SANGRAH and got Cheated . There is nothing in their kundli like kali kitab or lal kitab that kunal kumar tells on tv to brain wash and cheat people. I have lost my precoius time and money because of fraud kunal vaastu kendra. They also have their fake call centre  and their representatives KHUSHI , POOJA, AND BHARTI.  They misbehaved with me on phone and not picking up my call and  whenever i called to kunal vaastu kendra office to complain about his adbhut jeevan sangrah kundli they misbehaved all the times and not returning my money.

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