ThinkLink Supply Chain Services – Harrasment of employees

By: anurag.agrawal

ThinkLink Supply Chain Services is a startup company running in Udyog Vihar, Phase V area of Gurgaon. The company is hiring top talents from market offering them attractive salaries and then revising thier salaries after 3-4 months without prior notice. The company has asked 50% of employees to leave company because of no work and on the ohter hand offering new people to join company.

There is no salary of tax computation structure in company and employees are mentally harassed everyday because of no committment from company side on salary payments and reiumbursement of expenses.

I have left company in May’09 coz company asked me to leave. But they have asked me to resign coz in other case they had to give me the notice period amount. On my objection to this they said that If i dont resign they will terminate me.

I have total legal dues of 2.42.500/- on company but they have made me foricibly made me signed on a letter of total dues of Rs.18000 only coz in other case they were not providing me the relieving letter.

Its my humble request to take strict action against this company. I have sufficient proofs to prove their illegal actions which they are still doing. A lot of more employees were similarly harrased by them.


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