Relief India Trust – Donations in the name of cancer patients

By Mohit

Please all Read carefully … These guys are fake . These guys are operating in different names in different time spans . I found out through my investigation that these guys are fake . Please don’t get emotional fools and donate . They are very clever and intelligent people . their modus operand is beyond our imagination . How did i find out ? i got call from a lady and she told that there is a child suffering from cancer etc etc and gave the website info to verify . She was in so hurry that she asked me to make donation right away . I cut the call and googled . I read from many that it is a fake .And few people told they are genuine. Again i called that number and that lady started all over again .She forgot that she spoke to me few misn ago:) I asked the Dr name and Hospital . She told some dr and AIMS hospital Delhi. I called the hospital and find out that the patients are indeed original but not fake . But they dont have association with Relief India or other NGO’s . All the docs in the website like the bills preconception, diagnosis are original . these people somehow scan and put the original papers and start collecting money . Very clever modus operandi …Looks like hospital people are also involved In short guys don’t donate to this

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