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Posted By: Kulwant Singh

Dear All,

My name is Kulwant Singh from Punjab. I have been cheated and harassed by Fraud Group of Mohali that is Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions (Mohali – Chandigarh-Punjab) Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions Mohali – PUNJAB T: +91 172-506 3767 / +91 172-506 3778 F: +91 172 506 3767 S.C.O.: 15 -16, Top Floor, Phase: 1, Mohali Punjab, India – 160055 I had approached them in the first instance, after viewing ads in a Punjabi newspaper (JAGBANI) in which Rudraksh fraud group claims to send its clients to Canada, U.S.A, Singapore etc in 45 days time . On that, i visited their office and same thing was told to me before i deposited Rs. 1, 75, 000/- to them for my work permit for Canada in the month of September 2013.From some people they do charge 3 to 4 lakhs depending upon how rich a customer looks. After September 2013, they started fooling me to the extent they can go.


1) When you enter their office you will listen high volume stereo sound in their office, do not get attracted to that. This high volume is to hide and conceal the voice of poor customers who have already invested money with them and are crying and shouting in their cabins on daily basis to either go to Canada or to get their money back. No one can listen their sound due to this high volume.

2) At the time of receiving payments they have employed good looking girls to attract them for Canada jobs but at the time of payment refund they have rude boys to tackle the innocent customers of Punjab and other states.

3) They have installed web camera in their each cabin just to record the conversation whatever you are saying or doing personally, webcam is installed by them to manipulate the clients and the recording as per them, it is used for the purpose of what they want to show when the customer approaches police or court.

4) After paying or investing your money with Rudraksh, they will just give you refundable amount receipt for the amount you have paid .They will not give you even a single proof or paper stating that where your money is invested or for which company you are applying for .No detail of that company will be given or any other information. All these false promises are given in a professionally by beautiful employed girls by Rudraksh Group. This is the hidden truth.

5) They will also show you fake and self generated offer letter from the company, upon asking the same letter’s photocopy – They won’t give you.

6) Next, they will fool you regarding HRSDC letter, Rudraksh Fraud Group will tell you that after 1 month of submission of document you will get HRSDC letter and after that you will be called for medical.

7) They will cheat you by taking your lakhs of rupees and will lie you that they have sent your money to the hiring company in Canada but truth is something else. They are investing your money in Share markets and fixed deposit for a period of 1 or 2 years till the time they may fool you regarding your Canada case or file. No matter from how far and from which state you are coming from, that is none of their business. In short you will get exhausted with their false promises.

8) At some point of time they will tell you that you documents are pending and sometime they will tell you that our lawyer is busy somewhere. Sometimes they will ask you for more money and sometimes they will tell you that after 1 month you will get the medical and sometimes they will tell you next month for sure you will go to Canada.In nutshell they are just fooling your around.

9) In my case they cheated me for 10 months and due to some good persons guidance i got wake up early from my deep sleep given by fraud group’s (Rudraksh) fake promises.

10) Major difficulty, a client of Rudraksh faces at the time of payment refund. Rudraksh Group will distrurb you badly while giving your hard earned money back to you since Rudraksh do not want to break the F.D from which they are getting big sums of interest every month from hundreds of its innocent clients.

11) If you try to stand below their office on the ground floor, they will never let you sit or stand there.You may try if you want to check it but after investing. Since they have to fool others also and you will become barrier in their daily business. They will also threaten you that if you try to stand down of their office that will be on your own risk and responsibility. I hope you have understood what they mean to say.

12) At the time of payment refund they will give you 75% if you need the money on the same day (this is their hidden policy), to get maximum benefit per customer or i should say per “Bakra”

13) If you do not want any deduction they will write a payment refund or cancellation letter for you in which it will be written that you will get you money back after one month only if you want complete refund of your payment.

14) They will give you fake promises from day one till the time you get your refund money back.

15) To know the hidden truth, ask them about visa file. A genuine and trustworthy immigration consultant will show you at least 30-40 visas per month. On the contrary, Rudraksh group will show you just 2 to 3 visas for Canada that also belong to someone going on visit visa or fake visa.Their major work is to invest money and earn the interest out of principal amount given by innocent customers.

16)I know i have done the mistake even after reading the complaints of several persons against Rudraksh, i did invested money with them .If you ask them about complaints at the time of investing money, their employed girls will again lie you saying that people write complaints since their case was rejected.

16) Everyday numerous innocent customers used to visit Rudraksh imagining their bright future in Canada etc and everyday people with broken heart goes back to their home since now their dreams are shattered completely with wasting of time and money.

17) There are many customers who are getting fool since 4 years by Rudraksh.

18) At the time of payment refund even after cancellation procedure made by them that is one month after you sign the cancellation letter for canada, they will tell you that we have spent thousands of rupees on lawyers for you. Some money will be deducted approx 3 to 6000 rupees only. Do not worry on that, they are saying this false story so that a customer do not claim any interest from them for the duration he invested his money with Rudrasksh.Where they invested – they are not going to show you any proof .

19) Specially i like to tell you all, that Rudraksh group boys use abusive language at the time of payment refund. To get my money back i had to visit their office 15 to 20 times, now you can imagine my pain. 21) Fraud Rudraksh Group have “Chor(thief) Darwaza(door)” which means the door used when innocent customers are shouting at reception and to hide their face, they use these doors in order to hide themself and reach to their main room.


1)If any one’s money got stuck with Fraud Rudraksh Group, they may first talk to them politely ( which will be of no use as per my personal experience, since they will assume you are a fool). They are professional to cheat that’s what they are employed for. You have to be alert for your own money.

2) Contact local police station in Mohali to get support from them, don’t worry they will not ask you any bribe and if they ask even 1 rupee contact S.H.O. of that police station.

3) You can contact vigilance department to get your solution.

4) You may also approach anti corruption department in Punjab.

5) You may contact human rights department in Punjab.

6)In case police do not get your money back, contact media persons which are very much active online and in Punjab. They are eagerly waiting for some genuine and spicy news for their benefit as well in the welfare of the innocent customers got cheated by fraud travel agents.

7) In rarest case, if case is not resolved move to consumer court and file on them the case of Harassment, Fraud and providing fake information to the consumers. Also file on them the case for the time and money you have wasted on them due to their misinformation. My message and wish for others is to alarm others who are in the trap of Rudraksh and other fraud travel agents. That will be a greatest task for the sake of humanity.


1st) Just Email – Mohali Police at –,,,,,,,,,,,

2) If no soluction – Contact Vigilance department at –,,,,,,,, 3) If no solution – Contact S.S.P. Mohali at – S.S.P Office is just next to Rudraksh Group Building.

3) If no solution – Contact Anti- Corruption department at –,,,

4) If no solution – Contact Punjab media at –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

5) Top officials given below; Contact any one them if no police officer helps:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

6) File case online on all the consumer forums against Rudraksh Group to alert the vigilance teams and to those who are going to invest money with Fraud travel agents, definitely you will get you money back by all these efforts.

7) Last but not the least; proceed to court with all your grievances. Consumer is always right!!! Jaago Grahak Jaago

8)I also want Audit department of India to check the accounts of Fraud Rudraksh Group to find out in which market they are investing millions of rupees of innocent customers of Punjab.

9) Chandigarh CBI contacts to track our invested money:,,,

In Short, if you rely on Rudraksh and your money is stuck with them, do not listen to them at all or to their procedures to give your money back. Contact all the above officials one by one. You will get your money in few days rather than requesting this fraud group and waiting for months. Until unless we do not complaint, police will not come to know how many F.I.R’s have been registered against Rudraksh Group to take strict action against them.

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