Kalra Hospital Complaints — Refusal to refund money

By: Ajay Pal

Sir, i got my mother admitted in Kalra Hospital a few days before and treatment was done with an instruction to deposit Rs.8000 which i did. Later, hospital asked me to deposit Rs.50, 000 more for treatment and i deposited that sum also.I talked to the the authorities for treatment under CGHS scheme as this hospital comes under the CGHS Panelled Hospitals.They asked me to complete the paper work regarding the scheme i.e permission from concerned department. I had submitted all the the documents and even treatment under CGHS scheme is over.When i requested the hospital to refund the Rs.58, 000 which i deposited in beginning, the hospital refused to refund saying we will refund when concerned government department ( Delhi Police) gives us the billed amount i.e Rs.1, 20, 000/-. All the expenses were born by the concern government department after the the permission .I require the money for my household needs.I request you to please direct the hospital to refund the amount.


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