Continental Immigration Consultancy fraud – Fraud/ fake company with very bad customer service

By: Harpreet

I have applied for the Germany immigration (Job seeker visa) Firstly, these people do not share correct information about the process. They are more keen to giving you Job seeker visa which in itself is of no use as it is valid only for 6 months and does not assure you of any kind of immigration in Germany. Let me tell the one’s who are planning to go through them kindly DO NOT pay full registration amount (it is negotiable) They are not at all professional, for this particular process there is a need to open an account in German registered Bank and in our case it is Deutsche Bank. To open this account you will have to deposit minimum of INR 3 lacs so please beware as they will not inform you of this while you register. They will also ask you to pay some other agent (on his personal account) for the documentation.

Their website looks all swanky and updated but I would recommend kindly be sure before applying through them and in case you need any more help do write me @ Harpreet

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