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Posted By: Nitin

In November 2013, I have got possession in my apartment at Skytech Merion Residency -2 , Crossing Republik, The builder has promised so much things that has not delivered like: Club house, children’s park till today (02-Oct-2014), and he has not given penalty also, and also given the threat to me that, I have so much lawyer and they will take care it and you would not get your flat also.
As promised during booking that external electrification would be charged at 50 Rs per Sqft which have been changed to 100 rs. per sqft later on with out letting anyone know saying that Govt has revised the rates for this I am not sure how Govt has made this much heavy change if they did.(I doubt on this)
Usually Maintenance of the newly constructed building been taken care by Builder for at least 18 months but this builder has mandate this from the day they have issued the possession letter.

Since the time I have entered in the house the problems have started and fulfilled the promise, below are some examples of the problems I am facing since the time :
Status as on 2.Oct.14

Signed copy of Agreement for Maintenance – Has not been received.

Details/ receipt of individual’s monthly consumption – Maintenance, Power & DG – Not ready to give.

Separate Exit & Entry for Basement (-1) parking – misshaping may happen at any moment This is against the GDA rule, There are entry and exit is same for basement..

Proper cleaning of Basement – No proper flooring

Full time Carpenter & Plumber, exclusive for Phase 2 – no full time Plumber, electrician and carpenter also.

Meter Load – Can’t run two ACs (1.5 tonn) on main line. – He has promissed 4 KVA, but not delivired

Signboard of Society name at 2nd gate (Entry gate) – There are no signboard of society on second gate.

Benches at ground floor – Promised, but not delivered

Park / Greenery at Ground floor – Promised, but not delivered. But charging the maintenance fee for Park

Wi- fi facility in the society – Promised, but not delivered. But charging the maintenance fee for Wi – Fi

Club House – Promised, but not delivered, But charging the maintenance fee for club house.

Texture Paints in one room – Promised, but not delivered

Flooring of Basment and Ground floor not delivered

Children Park – Promised, but not delivered But charging the maintenance fee for children park also.

The Most important thing, The staffs of Skytech office at Sec-63 and Project manager are always ready to fight. They will not listen you at any moment.

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