Jain Realtors fraud – ajay jain,vijay jain s/o suresh jain owners of jain realtors (real estate co.) of palam,dwarka new delhi Complaints – recovery of our hard earned money which is illegally and forcefully kept by the above said peole amount is more than Rs. 60 lacs + + expenses

By: Vkjain
Ajay jain & vijay jain s/o suresh jain owners of Jain realtors of dwarka delhi borrowed money from our family before 1-1/2 years back, for a short duration for saying some urgent need, being of same jain community and of social relationship we trusted on them and did as they desired in a good faith,but now they are not returnig our money,all their cheques had bounced,any opf them does not meets at their home/offices,neither picks telephons nor gives reply of phones/ e-mails. It seems that their intentions are bad and they wants to grab our entire money which is around rs. 60 lacs ++ expenses as on 01-10-2014. even POLICE is not traecing them.they are using a mob ph .9899707106 and also their cars but eve then police is not taking any step to traec them. If any body see them .kidly convey us on my ph. no. 9013329595 or on my e-mail . The photo of ajay jain is attach herewith.07-10-2014 vkjain. (kindly help us)it is also requested that all the victims of these cheaters come togeather and jointly to search them and punish them immideatly

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