Airtel Digital TV – Worst Service and ill-mannered agency guys

By: sahil.chandna

We are connected with Airtel Digital TV ( Customer Id: 3001924270) from past 4-5 years. But have never seen such a degrade of services that we have faced in the last year. Set top box, depending on its mood, starts on its own giving an error and asking to re-insert the top up card. A complaint was lodged with Ref No. 36303190 on 25th Feb, 2014. We were given the contact number of the assigned service engineer named Anil (contact no–9896808741) by some lady from service center ( contact– 9896971333). Engineer confirmed on call that he will be coming in 20 min but for the whole day, he was just be-fooling us, giving his location details and telling that he will be available in the next 20 minutes and till EOD, no-one showed up. Everybody has got his work to do. My father took an off for the day and the time was all waste. Is this called the commitment from company? After 2 days, same guy called up at 16:37 on 27th Feb, 2014 saying he will be coming by evening. My father was out of town. Nobody was home. So he told the same. And today we got a call from your customer care and we were told that the assigned engineer has reported the complaint as —” subscriber not willing to get resolution for the complaint”. on 2nd march, again we were given a reference no. 36387989 detailed as WRONG RESOLUTION and same thing was conveyed by the care executive that engineer will be available by evening and we didn’t even get a call. On 13th march we called up the technician( Anil ) again and he assured that he will come next day. So on 14th march, the very busy guy arrived at last. But with a surprise that we will have to pay a 400/- Rs. for changing the STB as the warranty period, that was 6th march, 2014, has crossed. I called up the customer care same moment and the executive lady on phone also confirmed on phone that complaint filed in-warranty will be entertained as free. He even misbehaved her on the phone saying — “BAKWAS MAT KAR. TU MERI BAAT SUN”. She escalated this issue to someone at higher position who called us back from No. 7314243055 He talked to the technician and the rude guy also confirmed him over phone that he will replace it without charging the fee. After hanging up the phone, his voice changed. He said i am replacing the STB but you need to call up the customer care number again and they will give you an SR number( the third time) and then it will be activated by main office. Don’t know what is this main office? and what do they work. After this ruthless guy’s departure, I have called up on customer care number 4-5 times, someone keeps on hold for 10-15 minutes and phone hangs up itself, someone says she is giving an SR number through SMS but nothing comes up. Some one launches a Complaint and says Engineer will come next day. But he came today it self and said he can not activate it. We are really dissatisfied and disappointed with the service either you call it from service center end or the technician or company itself. Please help.

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