Continental Immigration Consultancy Fraud – Job Seeker Visa Rejection

By: Avinash
It is very disheartening to accept the rejection. I’ve left with no choice but to accept it. I was chasing this dream of getting onsite job opportunities which made me pay 97000 INR but unfortunately my money went up for a toss. I lost the entire amount and I lost the opportunity too. It is a big disappointment for me till date given my dreams and my financial condition.

I clearly mentioned in the attached remonstration letter(address to the German Consulate General) that I disagree with the refusal reason. I never said those things in the interview based on which they rejected my interview. And if they wanted to reject my visa because of this reason, then why did they even took the 45000 DD for verification? Forget about the 45000 DD, why they did even accepted my application for further processing If I had failed the interview at first place? Why they made me pay 4400 INR as the application fee? I contacted German consulate but they are not giving me any positive reply even after remonstration. They keep on saying that they will contact me since it is still under process. I think it is a waste of time.

When I asked them can I re-apply, then they said yes but they will again take one more DD of 45000 INR for document verification!!! I don’t understand what is happening here. Why they need to do verification again if they had just done it?

Now, I’m very disappointed with Continental services because of following reasons:

1. 45000 is a mandatory step in the Job seeker visa application. Refer below link:

Also refer German consulate website. Also confirm by calling the German officers at work.

Now I was being told that only if they find there is a problem in the documents, then they will verify. But what I learned from them that it is a mandatory thing to pay!! Again during re-apply, they are going to ask for it.

2. I was never told that I shouldn’t talk about Continental during the interview with them because of which it made them think that I’m totally dependent on Continental for a job. How can Continental not tell this thing very loud and clear if this is such an important aspect? Upon repeatedly asking, Continental never gave proper answers to my questions and neither they mentioned such an important aspect of the interview clearly, not even in the Questionnaires.

3. At times, Continental lied to me. Even when there was a date available for the interview, still I was being told that there is no date available. There are dates available so frequently but Continental made me wait for 2 months for the interview and they lied about the dates even upon been asked to book a slot during re-apply.

4. Continental promised me that I’ll get visa and a job in just three months, but it never happened.

5. Continental told me the wrong amount of DD. It is not 4300, it is 4400. I had to run like a dog here and there during the interview time to make a DD again with time constraints!! Again, thanks to Continental services.

I’m so very disappointed and feel cheated from both the sides.

My financial condition is not good and despite I paid 97000 INR. My dream got shattered. I’ve remonstrated to the German consulate and I’ll not keep quiet. I request you to please pay me my money back, if not full repayment, then at least pay me the money after deducting your processing fees. Trust me Continental never did put a decent effort in my application. It is me who did all the work!! Lately, I learned Continental Services are not required at all if you want to apply for a German Visa because one can do everything on its own using the German website!!!

Your contract is breached from your side because of all the above points. Hence, I politely ask my money back from Continental. My money is very important for me. I cannot afford such loss. I’ll not even tolerate money loss and lost opportunity. Please don’t make me ask for my money again!!!


Avinash Nagare

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