Spectrum Metro Vs Noida Business Park – Sector 75

By: Kremlin

Investors beware of the honey trap laid intelligently by Manoj Rai one of the Directors in Aims Max Gardenia. Paid Sales staff promoting the project in a new company Blue Square Infrastructure LLP which they say has a development agreement with the principal allottee of Sector 75 Aims Max Gardenia. Among all the Directors of Aims Max Gardenia there is no doubt that Manoj Rai has a far better image in terms of commitment than Maloop Bags, Sanjeev Sharna and Ajay Sharna the other three directors of Aiims Max Gardenia. The issue is that sales people are selling Spectrum developed by Blue Square Infrastructure LLP as a company floated by Manoj Rain. However if you google directors of Blue Square Infrastructure LLP you can see that Manoj Rai is not the Director. Now LLP means limited Liability company where Directors are not liable of personal assets if proved there is no intentional fraud done. With Blue Square Infrastructure LLP without any assets and only having a Development Agreement, from whom one can raise in case the project is not made if Directors of Aims Max Gardenia have a dispute which has been there since they are not a professional organisation. Above all neither Aiims Max Gardenia nor Blue Square Infrastructure LLP have an experience to construct such a commercial space so investing means digging own grave.

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