Lavisa Infrastructures Limited Fraud real estate company

By: Ram N.

Lavisa Infrastructures Limited is a big fraud company. As they launched their township project in Name of “Lakvinsar city” at Mysore road,bangalore and Lavisa Planet at New Airport Road, bangalore, and after 5-6 years of launching they didnot even create the basic facilities there, and despite that they are claiming that they are a big real estate company which are in township development.
Their directors are cheaters and they cheated almost 2000-3000 peoples in this project without giving them registration. Their directors Mr. Girija Shankar and Mr. Swaraj Kiran Sinha is also not available for any kind of query if customers have. The earlier team who are managing customers also left the company because of the pressure from existing customer with their queries. So anyone can believe it that a company which is claiming as a township development company is not able to make a drainage system in any one of his site or so called Township. I closely watched their Lakvinsar city project and i found that there in one common site (for example site no. 348-D) they have enrolled more than one customer. So these things make me to think how big fraud they are.
even in that site they are not capable of getting electricity connections from the concerned authority as they do not have amount in their account and believe me it is true. I enquired very recently in Their Corporation bank and bank of india and find that they did not have enough amount to pay the rents and salaries of their staff then how can they refund the investors amount or with investors amount how they will build the so called township. you can easily enquired about the bank balance with the corporation bank or bank of india and you can get very easily their account numbers by calling them and say that you have to deposit emi amount their staff will tell the account details. They launched one more project at Hajipur, Paatna called Lavisa Town or Lakvinsar Town or something like that and that also they launched some 3-4 years back and that also seems fake.
Why not anybody inform to vigilance, ED or income tax department or even senior authorities to arrest thes fraud and take legal action against them i do not know. They are running so many fraud companies in bangalore and Paatna, with name, Lakvinsar Associates, Lavisa and Associates, Lavisa Infrastructures Limited, and many more and doing fraud with peoples of india.
Their one of the director name Girija Shankar is a big fraud and did so many frauds in bangalore that everybody named his name as a fraud shankar, he is living in Rajarajeshwarinagar and their itself he cheated so many persons. Recently i met with one of my friend Mr. Srinivasa and he was telling that he has enough proof that he has been cheated his close associates and once he went to rajarajeshwarinagar police station then Mr. girija shankar returned his amount, but my question is if nobody will take serious legal actin against him then definitely he will cheat more people and i do not understand how karnataka government allowed these people to do real estate business in their state, they should ban them so that other real estate companies name will not spoil.
Dear Investors who are going to invest with any of the above company associated with Lavisa, please do not invest and if you have extra and waste amount then please go to ISKON temple and donate their so that some hungry children will get some food and they will bless you, because they really need.
I have so many updated photos and documents which proof that they are fraud and one by one i will post in this forum, even you can contact their old staff also i have their details also so that you can verify with them about the photographs and documents for the validity.

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