Suparas homz fraud

BY Swapnil

Dear All, Me n few of my friends hav d same bad experience with a builder named Suparas Homz and Paras City Homes Pvt. Ltd. we hav booked a plot in one of their project almost 6-8 months back. The dealer and d builder committed us to show the original sale deed papers in their name after booking. But they hav not shown us the paper of the land till lastmonth.Then I came to know through ETV Rajasthan News and News 18 news channels that the builder actually dont hav any land in its name.They r just renting out d land from farmers and put their Project Board on dat land n shown us as project site. I hav the news link regarding d same. And now i came to know that few people are just supporting such property dealers and builders without knowing the true picture of the land or situation. I just want to say that those who are supporting these builders and property dealers are only the partners of such people. They dont care about the hard earned money of innocent investors like us.


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