Vkc Developers scam !

By: rramayiyaa@gmail.com
Beware of VKC developers (Chourasia Infrastructure). I have purchased flat in Chourasia Manor and my experience has been pretty bad. To start with, they have deviated from the plan. 5th floor was constructed illegally. No commencement certficate was obtained from the authorities.
They will be after you to pay all the money. Once money is paid, they will be least bothered to complete the work.
Quality of the construction has been pathetic. No quality control. Unskilled labour is used. Workmanship is totally screwed. Doors/plastering/painting/tiling: Everything has been of poor quality.
Have been cheated on the undivided share of land as well. Illegal 5th floor has been taken into account to arrive at the UDS.
No amenities have been provided till now. Sewarage is not connected.
Beware of their glib marketing professionals. Better to invest your hard earned money with the reputed builders. That may cost 5-10 lakh more but will be worth the quality.


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