Waste service and product delivery

By: sandhyagupta


I had a very BAD experience from Flipcart online shopping.
Purchased one Preeti Mixer Grinder worth 2500 /- from Flipcart and the product delivered was not working. I asked for a replacement of the product and adviced us to courior the product to their office, after many phone calls (wasted my 2 weeks).

I have then couriored the product. Without getting any response from Flipcart after 1 week, I called them back and the reply I got was really nonsense. They told the product is already replaced as per their record.

Again I contacted courior company and confirmed that the product had just arrived the Flipcart offic.

The next person from Flipcart informed like, they have no stock of the product and they will refund. but the Courior charge, which I paid for product to return back will not be refundable, but they will provide some gift voucher.

Now its been 1.5 months. Still waiting for my refund.

Total cost of the product:

Mixer grinder: 2500 /-
Courior Charges: 400/-
Phone Call charges which I made to get a status from FLipcart: 200
Conveyance cost to courior: 100/-

The refundable money from Flipcart: 2500 🙁

My loss: 700 + My 1.5 month + My effort to get the refund

The WORST WORST WORST online shopping customer support is FLIPCART. I will not recomemnd any one to buy anything from the MOST waste company FLIPCART

sandhaya gupta

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